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From supporters to sponsors and everyone in between, these are some of the SUPER people and businesses helping me achieve my purpose.


Thank you to my sponsors

A really big thank you to the below organisations, and their people, for the tremendous support they provide me and my charity!


Kollosche has always believed in supporting initiatives that have a lasting and positive impact on our community. It's this commitment that led us to sponsor the admirable endeavors of "10 Cent Tom." The spirit of the Gold Coast thrives on unity, diversity, and the drive to make a difference; values Tom embodies every day. What began as a simple act of collecting recyclable cans has transformed into a beacon of hope and sustainability for our community. Tom's passion goes beyond just recycling; his ultimate vision of opening a recycling depot focused on employing individuals with disabilities reflects a deep-seated commitment to inclusivity and empowerment.


For Kollosche, this isn't merely about environmental conservation, but about uplifting a community by ensuring everyone has an equal shot at success. By sponsoring "10 Cent Tom," we're not just supporting a charitable cause, but investing in a brighter, greener, and more inclusive future for the Gold Coast.

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